Dr Jan Schubert

Editors and Proofreaders in York

Spent the weekend at the annual conference of SfEP (Society for Editors and Proofreaders). Met lots of other freelance copy editors and proofreaders and found them a very friendly and professional group of people.

The University of York campus was very confusing, but it turned out to be a great way to meet colleagues as we helped each other find our way!

I attended some excellent talks and workshops on the future and ethics of publishing and on how to use technology to turn out accurate and speedy work. I met the new Vice-Chair of SfEP, Lucy Metzger, and it turned out that, not only does she live in the small town outside Glasgow where I was brought up, but in the same road!

I also met Gerard Hill, the man who devised the fiendishly difficult editing test I had to pass to become a Professional Member of SfEP. We agreed that it had to be difficult to keep standards high, but I would have been mortified if I had failed after 32 years of editing experience!