Dr Jan Schubert



Dr Janette Schubert PhD
Southampton UK

Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders

I worked for Pion, an internationally respected publisher of social science, psychology and physics journals, for 32 years until the company was taken over. In 2011, Pion was the Association of American Geographers Publisher of the Year. I am extremely experienced in all aspects of journal publishing, particularly editing. I have a first-class degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Chemical Physics and I also studied advanced Mathematics at university. I can edit and proofread both science and social science from school to academic level.

In addition, my passion is natural history and I use InDesign to produce reports about the wildlife of Southampton. Another interest is British politics and I have written manifestos and campaign literature for a political party – a very different skill to academic writing.

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I have a background in science and mathematics with a PhD in Chemical Physics.

Having started as a Copy/Desk Editor, I became Director of Publishing with Pion Ltd, a post I held from 1999 until early 2014, when a new Board of Directors was appointed. I remained with the company in a senior management role until it was taken over in May 2015 and all the staff were made redundant.

The company published five subscription journals and one open access journal in the fields of Human Geography, Regional Science, Planning and the Built Environment, and Psychology. The subscription journals were also available online to subscribers. The company had also published a journal on High-temperature Physics and published a small number of books in Physics, Psychology, and Human Geography.

The authorship and readership of the journals were both international, so an important part of my work was to make sure that all papers were written in good idiomatic English and, in particular, to help authors who did not have English as a first language.


  • handling manuscripts which had been accepted by the academic editors and entering them into in-house systems;
  • copy editing papers to put them into house style, correcting the English (particularly for authors who did not have English as a first language), marking up any mathematics, and checking tables, figures, and references;
  • dealing with proofreader and author proofs;
  • doing the final prepublication check and putting issues together;
  • liaising with authors and editors and attending editorial meetings;
  • handling queries about copyright, republication, and open access from authors, other publishers, and librarians;
  • representing the company at academic conferences, in the UK, Europe, and the USA.


  • I helped to introduce the ScholarOne (Manuscript Central) manuscript handling system.
  • I have used the InDesign typesetting system both for work and for personal publications.
  • In 2014 I attended a course on Open Access Publishing held by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers.
  • In 2011 I received the prestigious Publisher of the Year Award from the Association of American Geographers on behalf of Pion.


  • Southampton University, PhD in Chemical Physics, High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Small Gas-phase Radicals.
  • This involved spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, computer modelling and writing of programs, and data manipulation.
  • Although my PhD was based in the Chemistry Department, my research included a lot of Physics and was also relevant to Astrophysics.
  • Glasgow University, 1st Class Honours BSc in Chemistry, with subsidiary courses on Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology. My undergraduate thesis was entitled Single-crystal EPR Studies of Red-irradiated Humulene Nitrosite.
  • As an undergraduate I helped produce the student newspaper the Glasgow University Guardian.